The Port Bureau

is a member driven, non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting the maritime industry.

Founded in 1929, the Greater Houston Port Bureau has been fostering communication and information about the Port of Houston, the Houston Ship Channel, and the maritime industry to constituents both in and out of the port region for 90 years.

With 210 member companies, and under the leadership of a board of directors comprised of executives from leading companies directly in and affiliated with the maritime industry, the Port Bureau provides four core services to members, maritime stakeholders, and the community at large: vessel information, port information, networking, and advocacy.

As the Port of Houston continues to grow, so does the Port Bureau. New services are offered as the industry adapts to the dynamic global marketplace. Information is always changing, and the Port Bureau is at the forefront of it.

Join the Port Bureau today:  Get Informed. Get Involved. Get Better at Business.