87th Annual Maritime Dinner


By Kyle Beam, GHPB

A night of fun, laughter, stories and shared experiences filled the ballroom of the Bayou City Event Center, on August 20, as the Greater Houston Port Bureau celebrated the career, achievements and generosity of Patrick J. Studdert at the 87th Annual Maritime Dinner.

A record crowd of over 700 people joined the Port Bureau in honoring Mr. Studdert for his lifelong commitment to serving the Port of Houston and the surrounding community. During the program, Mr. Studdert was honored with speeches by his son Tim, Tom Marian, General Counsel of Buffalo Marine, and Chairman Janiece Longoria, Chairman of the Port of Houston Autority Port Commission.

Tim Studdert recounted stories of his father and the relationships he built with the people he worked with, teachers from his time on the La Porte school board and even a few police officers during Tim’s youth. Tim also shared how much he learned from his father after he came to work for him “after I got a phone call telling me it’s time to quit the pro golf career and get a real job.” Tim concluded saying the most important thing he would share and what he was most proud of was being able to continue his father’s family name with his son.

Tom Marian continued sharing stories of Mr. Studdert and his love of Texas and the loyalty he shows all those around him. Marian also recounted how he was hired by Mr. Studdert. He said, Mr. Studdert called him in to the office on a Saturday and pulled him into an empty room saying a desk could go in a certain location, something else could be moved around, all of these things Marian said caught him off-guard because he was not expecting a job offer, and he added “it just shows you what kind of business man Pat is because of the salary I negotiated with him.

Chairman Longoria was last to honor Mr. Studdert. In her speech, she spoke on getting to know him better after she became Port Commission Chairman and how Mr. Studdert was one of the first people to step up and work directly with her after she became the Chairman. Chairman Longoria also shared she sees Pat almost everyday riding his bike around their neighborhood and how he even sometimes uses her waterhose without permission.

Mr. Studdert followed Chairman Longoria with brief remarks thanking everyone for their attending the event. His main message invoked his time as a high school football coach, he stressed what we are doing as a community is working and to continue to do it because this port is our port and we all want it to succeed.

Along with the the speeches, the program also included two congressional messages, a video from Senator John Cornyn and a special presentation from Congressman Brian Babin in which he presented Mr. Studdert with a certificate of appreciation and said a flag was being flown over the U.S. Capitol building in his honor. Harris County Judge Ed Emmet presented a proclaimation on behalf of Harris County declaring August 20, Pat Studdert Day in Harris County and Frances Castaneda Dyess presented a proclaimation on behalf of the City of Houston declaring August 20 Pat Studdert day in the City of Houston.
The program concluded with the Port Bureau awarding Mr. Studdert a replica of the USS Constitution for his longstanding contributions to the Houston maritime community.

More photos from the event can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/portbureau/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1774701279439286

  • Date September 13, 2016
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