Berard Transportation


The break bulk and project cargo market has seen a rough year. In a sluggish market with relatively weak demand, shippers and suppliers have looked more towards near-sourcing, and large projects are often put on pause. But as attendees of the 2016 Break-Bulk Americas conference have seen over the past week, Houston still remains a center of expertise for moving high and heavy cargoes.

One example of the expertise available in Houston was provided in early September as Geodis Wilson and Vantage Drilling Company needed to ship a 338 ton blowout preventer and 134 ton LMRP stack through the Port of Houston. Planners and professionals at Berard Transportation, a Louisiana-based Port Bureau Member specializing in heavy and unique project cargoes, spent months ensuring that the move would be safe, smooth, and successful.

On a hot day at the Port of Houston Authority’s City Dock 32, over a dozen stevedores climbed up and around the 41-foot blowout preventer, attaching lines so that the Big John, a Port of Houston-based barge-mounted 500-ton crane could hoist the stack off of its transfer barge and onto SPMTs owned by Berard. The move went off without a hitch, and as COO Braedon Berard explained: “our people take pride in being the contractor of choice for moving the most challenging products our customers can come up with, and we were glad to be able to see these two pieces moved into the Port of Houston.”


  • Date October 12, 2016
  • Tags October 2016