Captain’s Corner-Hitting the Target

We held our annual Captain’s Cup Golf Tournament on October 29. The weather was great, the course at BraeBurn was both beautiful and challenging, and the day’s event was outstanding for all participants. What made the tournament exceptional for me was that it was the tenth one! It seems like just a blink of an eye since Tim Studdert from Buffalo Marine Service proposed the first tournament in 2009 to create an opportunity to bring more of the maritime community together. To commemorate the milestone of ten great golfing events, we added a new feature this year: the CAPT Bill Diehl range target. It proved remarkably popular. In fact, it was so popular, I am not sure what to think. Was it the energy and excitement of a new category of golfing entertainment? Or was it just fun to relieve a little stress by trying to hit me in the face?

Buffalo Marine and crew

Whatever the significance the target may – or may not – have had, the Captain’s Cup 10th outing was a milestone moment for the Port Bureau. It is one of many we have marked over the last few years – like growing our annual Maritime Dinner into the largest of its kind in the country and moving into our new offices — and we are looking forward to accomplishing more with our members in 2019.

The Port Bureau is entering its 90th year of service in the port region. It is a momentous time for us, and it arrives at a momentous time for the maritime community. The impetus to cooperate and collaborate for advancing the port region has never been stronger. Investment in infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, and equipment along the Houston Ship Channel has been record-breaking. Our role is to keep bringing people together and providing the data to ensure not a single opportunity is overlooked for maximizing maritime business to continue to grow the port region – and our Port Bureau members are the key to this growth and comradery. Our long-running Commerce Club luncheon series featuring key industry speakers, our member committees for advocacy, dredging, and efficiency, and even guest articles in this magazine are all ways for our members to share knowledge and work together for a better port region.

The Port Bureau is dedicated to promoting the port region as a key national asset that provides unmatched capacity, flexibility, and reliability. The value of your continued commitment to advancing the port region through Port Bureau membership cannot be underestimated. If you are a current member, we hope that you will renew with an aim to increase your support and participation. If you are not a member, we hope that 2019 will be the year you join and add your experience and participation to our organization by contacting us at or calling (713) 678-4300.

Thank you for your support, and Happy Holidays!

CAPT Bill Diehl, USCG (Ret.), P.E.
GHPB President


  • Date December 5, 2018
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