Captain’s Corner – Zig Zigler

Like you, we are tying up our year end business at the Port Bureau, evaluating our performance, and setting new goals for the year ahead. As we do this, we frequently get into discussions on what is the best way for us to bolster our Port Bureau mission to support our member companies and the port region. Amidst these discussions, I thought of some powerful advice I unexpectedly received a few years back.
It began in Las Vegas. I know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but on this occasion something happened that I was glad to talk about back at home. That something was a motivational talk by Zig Ziglar. I didn’t actually set out to hear Zig speak. In fact, I’d never really heard much about him before the trip.

My wife, Annette, had won a regional sales contest for her company, and the prize was a trip for her and her spouse (me) to Las Vegas for a motivational pep rally. I was all in and began dreaming about all the money I was going to rake in playing black jack and the hurting I was going to put on the casinos. Luckily, Annette convinced me to join her at the pep rally by telling me there was free food and that I really did not need to pay attention to the speakers. As we walked through the casino, I could hear the siren’s call of slot machines beckoning me to riches, but I dutifully attended the session with Annette anyway.
I’ve always been glad I did. The first few speakers did not do much for me. However, when Zig Ziglar took the stage, I sat up and watched in awe as he galvanized hundreds of people into taking action to achieve new goals. “You can have everything in life you want,” Zig told us, “if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” He firmly believed accomplishing objectives successfully stemmed from helping others reach their own goals. Zig’s life and career offered strong evidence that going out of your way to solve somebody else’s problems generated a synergy that ultimately opened new doors to achieving your own goals.

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I cannot think of a better description than this of the Port Bureau’s mission to synergize the maritime community for optimal prosperity. Helping our members succeed defines every task we undertake. From hosting our Commerce Club series of luncheons for education and networking to publishing our monthly news magazine with timely analysis reports and industry information, assisting our members is always front and center. And, just as Zig promised, it creates unparalleled opportunities for mutual business success.

Zig also believed there was “plenty of room at the top – but not enough to sit down.” In other words, you never reached a place where you quit moving forward. Success was not a destination for Zig — it was the journey. The Port Bureau staff has adopted the same industrious philosophy. We are thankful for the record-breaking year we’ve had in event attendance and membership and for our growth as a maritime information hub. Just browse through our Year in Review on page 30! But we are equally excited about 2016. Opportunities are abundant to reach new milestones through helping our members benchmark new success.

Thanks to all our members and the many folks who have helped us make things happen this year. We wish you all the joys of the season and look forward to helping you “get what you want” for your business in 2016.

Merry Christmas,


  • Date November 23, 2015
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