Chemical Process Safety-Best Practices and Regulatory Challenge Seminar

The Greater Houston Port Bureau in collaboration with member, EnSafe will present training on May 10th, 11:30 AM -1:30 PM

Leo Old, EnSafe

Join Leo Old, MS, CIH of EnSafe on May 10th at the Greater Houston Port Bureau training room, as he discusses best practices and regulatory challenges in chemical process safety. Operating a chemical process or storing relatively large quantities of hazardous materials can pose significant health and safety risks. This presentation addresses static safety, hazardous (classified) locations, chemical storage limits, separation of incompatible chemicals, ventilation, explosion control, liquid storage rooms, and regulatory drivers. Attendees can receive a certificate that qualify for continuing education credits with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. Cost of the training person is $50. to cover materials and lunch.

EnSafe was founded in 1980 to provide consulting services to industry and government in environmental science, safety, and regulatory compliance. The founders, Phil Coop and Wendell Knight goal was to intersect business, science and public policy to environmental protection.

To register and submit payment for the seminar, go to Class size is limited.

  • Date April 25, 2019
  • Tags 2019 March/April