December 2015 Commerce Club

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Judith Schultz, GHPB

The maritime community packed the Grand Ballroom at Brady’s Landing on December 10, 2015, to hear Captain Mike Morris reminisce over his several decades of service on the water. Captain Morris delighted listeners with his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities and support offered him throughout his career, his admiration for the cooperative spirit of the Houston Ship Channel community, and his lively descriptions of quirky mishaps both on and off the water, including a recent incident where he was run over by his own truck!

Humor was the thread woven through every story, evoking much mirth and nodding of heads in shared agreement with Captain Morris’ point of view. Captain Morris summed up his thoughts by sharing his list of reasons to retire now. On the list were such particulars as his wife, Marta Morris, receiving “two times as much husband for one third the pay;” “no more rush hour traffic from the north side of town;” and, the top reason: “I’m going to be a grandfather!” The latter announcement brought a spontaneous round of applause from the crowd and beaming faces at the Morris family table.

Pat Studdert, president of Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. and former high school football coach, presented Captain Morris a football, with his well-known instructions: “Don’t drop the football!” Studdert also recognized Captain Morris’ wife, Marta, for being the bedrock of her family and for her fantastic empanadas with a crystal shamrock “from ‘the Irishman’.”

CAPT Bill Diehl, president of the Greater Houston Port Bureau, commended Captain Morris for his dedication to excellence and his constant goal to “get it right” on the Ship Channel. On behalf of the Port Bureau, CAPT Diehl furnished him with a Yeti cooler for use in “going ashore.” The Port Bureau wishes every success and enjoyment to Captain Morris and his family for his retirement in the spring.

Editor’s Note: Hear David Arsenault, president and CEO, Hyundai Merchant Marine America and Hyundai America Shipping Agency, at the February Commerce Club at Brady’s Landing on February 11, 2016. Individual seats and table sponsorships are available. Sign up by vising or by calling (713) 678-4300.

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