May 2018 Commerce Club Luncheon Featuring John Schlosser, President, Kinder Morgan Terminals

Houston Ship Channel Unmatched in Capacity, Connectivity and Reliability

“The Tyranny of the Minority” and a “Call to Action” were the themes of the presentation offered by John Schlosser, president of Kinder Morgan Terminals, at the Commerce Club Luncheon on May 10. Hosted by the Port Bureau at the Houston Marriott South, nearly 200 industry professionals were in attendance.

John Schlosser, President, Kinder Morgan

Schlosser stipulated the presentation contained his views and reflected “things on his mind” as he shared some current fallacies concerning hydrocarbons and demonstrated their important role in the modern world. “Hydrocarbons should be considered one of the important ‘pillars’ of growth,” he said. Using 1859 – the year of the Drake Oil Well strike in Pennsylvania — as a starting point, he showed how such positives as the doubling of life expectancy and the ten-fold increase in average income coincides with the utilization of hydrocarbons.

The United States is Supplied by Existing Pipelines.

Addressing the focus that some activists place on pipeline infrastructure, Schlosser described their value and effectiveness in moving product. He showed a map of the extensive pipeline infrastructure in place in the U.S. and characterized the system the “single, safest means to get product to market”.

Throughout his talk, Schlosser underscored the priority of industry working cohesively to keep sending out accurate messaging about the unique capacity connectivity, and reliability of the Houston Ship Channel industry. The importance of an industry voice towards gaining access to reasonably priced disposal areas was another key component of Schlosser’s comments. “Our message needs to be done better as a group,” stressed Schlosser. “I ask each of you to not sit back as the silent majority, but to step up and make your voices heard.”


  • Date July 3, 2018
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