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February 2017 Commerce Club
Robert Kaplan
President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The February Commerce Club luncheon shifts to Tuesday, February 14, 2017, to feature guest speaker Robert Kaplan, 13th president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Kaplan has served in his position of the Federal Reserve since September 8, 2015. He represents the Eleventh Federal Reserve District on the Federal Open Market Committee in the formulation of U.S. monetary policy and oversees the 1,200 employees of the Dallas Fed.

Kaplan was previously the Martin Marshall Professor of Management Practice and a Senior Associate Dean at Harvard Business School. Prior to joining Harvard in 2006, Kaplan was vice chairman of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. with global responsibility for the firm’s Investment Banking and Investment Management Divisions. He is also the author of several books.
Thank you to our Annual Table Sponsors Houston Pilots, Regions Bank and Richardson Companies, and our February Table Sponsor Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. Register for the Commerce Club luncheons by visiting www.txgulf.org/events/commerce-club or by calling the Port Bureau at 713-678-4300.

Port of Galveston Appoints Peter Simons as Interim Port Director

The Port of Galveston promoted Peter Simons, deputy port director, to interim port director. He began his new duties on January 1, 2017. Simons replaces Michael Mierzwa who retired at the end of 2016, after 16 years with the port.

Magellan Midstream and LBC Expanding Seabrook Logistics’ Houston Gulf Infrastructure

Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. (Magellan) and LBC Tank Terminals, LLC (LBC) announced on December 6, 2016 they are expanding the infrastructure of Seabrook Logistics, LLC (Seabrook Logistics), owned 50/50 by subsidiaries of Magellan and LBC, by increasing its crude oil and condensate storage and pipeline assets in the Houston Gulf Coast area.

Seabrook Logistics is constructing 1.7 million barrels of additional crude oil and condensate storage adjacent to LBC’s existing terminal in Seabrook, Texas. In addition, Seabrook Logistics is connecting its facility to Magellan’s Houston crude oil distribution system by constructing a 24-inch diameter bi-directional pipeline between the Seabrook Logistics’ facility and Genoa Junction and investing in a new Aframax dock with up to a 45-foot draft. The expansion is currently estimated to cost $250 million and be operational during mid-2018, subject to receipt of necessary permits and regulatory approvals.

Further, in anticipation of incremental volume on Magellan’s Houston crude oil distribution system, Magellan is enhancing its infrastructure by separately investing an additional $70 million to build a new 24-inch diameter pipeline from its East Houston terminal to Holland Avenue. Magellan’s new crude oil pipeline segment is also expected to be operational during mid-2018.

If warranted by market demand, Seabrook Logistics could construct an additional 3 million barrels of storage, a second 24-inch diameter pipeline between the Seabrook Logistics’ facility and Magellan’s Houston crude oil distribution system and a second Aframax ship dock, which may be expanded to a Suezmax-capable ship dock. Subject to receipt of necessary permits and regulatory approvals, portions of these additional assets could be operational beginning late 2018.

Seabrook Logistics is currently in the final stages of constructing more than 700,000 barrels of new crude oil and condensate storage and a new 18-inch diameter pipeline, which will connect to an existing third party pipeline to ultimately transport crude oil to a Houston-area refinery beginning in the first quarter of 2017. If the facility is fully built as proposed, Seabrook Logistics will provide deep-water access through two industry-standard Aframax docks with up to a 45-foot draft, more than 5 million barrels of new storage capacity and pipeline connectivity with refineries and terminals throughout the Houston Ship Channel and Texas City.

Theresa Corgy, with her husband, Commissioner Dean Corgy, christens the Seafarers Union Building Dedication on Monday, December 12, 2016.

Letter from the Editor

2016, the year many people hope to forget, has finally come to an end. 2017 is now upon us and the hope of a brighter and more prosperous year is here. We, at the Port Bureau, are striving to make that happen for you, our members.

To accomplish this goal, we will be making changes, and continuing to adapt, to improve our quality of service for our customers, beginning with the Port Bureau News.

For 2017, the Port Bureau News will be shifting to 10 issues a year. We will produce one issue for December/January and one issue for August/September, along with our regular monthly issues for the remaining months. The transition enables our staff to place a greater focus on in-depth research articles, which will provide more details into the workings of our port community.

In addition to our new production cycle, 2017 will bring new features to the magazine. Starting with this issue, we are introducing a new reference feature, the Mariner’s Dictionary, which will highlight a few select terms from the maritime industry each month. The Mariner’s Dictionary will inform new members of the maritime community of the many terms that are industry specific, as well as remind those who have been in the industry when the specific meaning is lost at the tip of the tongue.

Along with our new features, readers will begin to notice subtle design changes, throughout the year, meant to enhance the eye appeal and readability of our magazine. We will also be increasing our online focus for the magazine. Look for online only content and features to become an integral component of reaching our members in new and different ways, especially during the lighter summer and holiday months.
We also want to hear from you! As hard as we try, we do not know everything that happens along the 52 miles of the Houston Ship Channel. If there are topics you want to learn more about, news you would like to see covered, or articles your company would like to publish with us, we want to know about them. Please send your ideas, news, or articles to me at kbeam@txgulf.org.

2017 is an important year for the Port Bureau. We are continually trying to grow and become better with the services we provide. By making these changes at the start of the year, we hope to bring the best service possible so our members will look back on 2017 as a year of growth and prosperity.

Ports of Antwerp, Houston Continue Building Trans-Atlantic Supply Chain of the Future

The ports of Houston and Antwerp committed to continuing their collaboration in building the trans-Atlantic supply chain of the future during a seminar focused on international commerce and supply chain management. Hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston on December 8, 2016, the seminar focused on the steady volume of trade between the two ports and the benefits resulting from the collaborative efforts.  The ports share similarities in cargo types and both have a significant industrial and petrochemical facilities presence. Trade between Port Houston and the Port of Antwerp exceeded six million tons in 2016. To commemorate the seminar event, Princess Astrid of Belgium presented Port Houston Commission Chairman Janiece Longoria with a royal medal of distinction in recognition of Chairman Longoria’s leadership in the maritime industry. Ed. Note see photo on Spotlight in Chairman Longoria article.

Mariner's Dictionary

Welcome to the Mariner’s Dictionary.

This first edition will cover the basic terms mariners work with every day on ships.

Draft - the depth of a vessel’s keel below the waterline; often expressed as light draft, or conversely loaded draft.
Keel - (Seen in black above) The lowest structural member of a ship or boat which runs the length of the vessel at the centerline and to which the frames are attached.
Length Overall (LOA) - maximum length ofa vessel’s hull measured parallel to the waterline.
Beam - The distance from side to side, full width of the vessel.

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