Port of Galveston Plans for the Future

At the city council and the Port of Galveston meeting in late February, the Bermello, Ajamil & Partners (B&A) who is the lead company, presented a preliminary draft for the Strategic Master Plan Project. Additional companies that took part and provided input for this plan were: Martin Associates, HDR, Lambert Advisory and Atkins.

The development of the draft Master Plan by B&A takes into consideration the development and growth of the port for the next 20 -30 years, the business model, financial planning, the relationship between the city and port and more. Other factors such as adoption of port policies, economics, environment, engineering/operations, infrastructure, USACOE (channel/channel depth), and opportunities for the port and the users of the port, are also being taken into consideration.

Ports are the front door to the community stated B&A. They’re an economic generator not only for revenue for the port but the pass through to the community by creating jobs and economic impact for individuals and for businesses and locally. The draft of the master plan was presented by Mark Ittel, senior vice president of ports & maritime from B&A.

Key Objectives

  • Promote the development/growth of the Port by creating a long-term vision
    -Creating land use principles, prioritizing capital investments for Port facilities/operations
  • Adapt Port policies, operations, facilities and infrastructure
    -To changing technology, cargo trends, regulations, natural and man-made disaster resiliency, and competition from other U.S. and foreign seaports
  • Integrate economic, engineering, environmental and community considerations into the Port process
    -For evaluating the impact of development projects and growth scenarios
  • Create a roadmap for future port development that is
    -Consistent with federal, state, and city laws
    -With the primary mission of increasing waterborne trade and commerce

Achieve consensus among the political leadership on the vision for the Port.

  • Provide a unifying vision of the Port’s role in the community.
  • Establish a financially sustainable Port capable of meeting its mission.
  • Creating a justification document to support future environmental permits for potential use in seeking grants as needed.

A market assessment and demand process specific for cruise, cargo, industrial development, commercial development, and needed additional resources were addressed in a three-phase approach to the Masterplan by B&A:

Phase one:
Assess infrastructure to quantify the deficiencies and damage of the port marine infrastructure, develop repair concepts/methodologies, estimate cost and schedule preparation for the rehabilitation projects that are required within the mast plan. The cargo and industrial operations will develop strategies to identify and attract strong tenants for industrial properties that will support long-term development goals and in line with the Port’s mission.

Phase two:
Assess the market for cruise operations over the next 40 years that includes community uses, real estate, and community integration aspects of the port. The Port of Galveston is the fourth largest cruise terminal in the US. Their strengths for the cruise industry are its infrastructure, location proximity to international waters as well as Midwest linkages, quality of port and shoreside services, and access to highways and airports.

Phase three:
The plan will assess the cargo operations, financial, community outreach/involvement and will consolidate into one comprehensive plan. They will develop strategies to identify and attract strong tenants for industrial properties that will provide optimal use and support long-term development goals in line with the Port’s mission.

By creating a future roadmap for the Port of Galveston in the next several months, the Strategic Master Plan will insure the port policies, management, and the financial sides all work together to move forward. A series of one-on-one, workshops, and public meetings will be held throughout the planning process to gather input/feedback on direction as well as to inform the community as to the vision being considered for the future of Port of Galveston.

Schedules and information for the master plan can be viewed on the Port of Galveston website at: portofgalveston.com/221/Master-Plan.

  • Date April 25, 2019
  • Tags 2019 March/April