September 2016 Commerce Club


John Schlosser, president of Kinder Morgan Terminals and featured speaker of the September 8, 2016, Commerce Club luncheon, presented an update of Kinder Morgan Terminals operations and his goals on advocating for the continued success of Houston’s energy industry.

Schlosser acquainted the group with Kinder Morgan’s “footprint” along the Houston Ship Channel, noting operations at Deer Park, Galena Park, and Pasadena. He enumerated their multimodal operations for receipts of multiple products and described the company’s brownfield development at such places as WATCO’s Greens Port Complex.

“It’s a great example of the constant reinvention of the Houston Ship Channel – with us and many of our competitors,” said Schlosser as he referenced the Greens Port facility. He completed his overview of Kinder Morgan infrastructure by detailing the growth and capabilities of their Deepwater Terminal. In total, expansions and development represents almost $2 billion dollars of investment since 2003.

“Bottom line, our connectivity and our customer optionality has – and will be – the continued key to our growth. We’re very proud to have grown alongside the Houston Ship Channel, and we appreciate their great support,” he said.

Turning his attention toward the future, Schlosser addressed environmental concerns and issues that affect not only Kinder Morgan, but the Houston Ship Channel energy industry. Schlosser feels energy policies must include dialogue on all sources of energy, with realistic objectives and time frames. “In the grand scheme of things, fossil fuels provide 81% of energy today,” Schlosser emphasized. “… Renewables are a key part of our future, but renewables will be only a part of the solution. Even the most optimistic projections have renewables growing at no more than 15% of our energy consumption by 2040.”

He spoke encouragingly of the Houston Ship Channel industry working collectively to promote Houston. Schlosser particularly noted working to find solutions to address dredged material placement, emission credits costs and generation, and channel congestion.

“I believe we live in the greatest city in the world,” Schlosser said as he outlined his thoughts on collaboration for advocacy and progress. “One of my favorite quotes is: ‘Every noble cause started with the statement: it can’t be done.’ Houston is a city whose first statement is always ‘it can be done!’”

Schlosser then opened the session up for a brief Q&A. Discussions ranged from pipeline safety to opportunities for new business with natural gas in Mexico. His presentation concluded with his thanks and optimism for business to continue to grow.

Editor’s Note: The Commerce Club will be hosted on Nov. 10, 2016 at Brady’s Landing. Chairman Janiece Longoria of the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority is the featured speaker. Reserve your seat at or by calling (713) 678-4300.

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