U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently named four projects, two of which are on the Texas Gulf, for further development and validation through the USACE Civil Works Public-Private Partnership (P3) Pilot Program.

The four projects are the Brazos Island Harbor Channel Improvement (Texas), the Sabine Pass to Galveston Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management (Texas), the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration (California), and the Soo Locks (Michigan).

USACE applied specific screening criteria to identify the four P3 pilot candidates from the eight project-specific proposals submitted in response to the February 1, 2019, Federal Register Request for Information. The pilot candidates will be further developed and validated to determine their potential to become P3 pilot projects.

USACE may identify one more project for further development and validation at a future date.

USACE P3 Pilot Program Projects at a Glance




The goal of the pilot program is to demonstrate the viability of new delivery methods that can significantly reduce the cost and time of project delivery. The program is part of the Revolutionize USACE Civil Works initiative to expedite delivery of U.S. infrastructure by synchronizing actions, developing new tools and streamlining activities.

A P3 generally refers to a long-term contractual relationship between a public sector contracting authority and a private sector entity for the financing and delivery of public infrastructure and/or the provision of public services. A P3 can be done as any combination of design, build, finance, operate and/or maintain.

Public Private Partnerships (P3) are a tool that can accelerate delivery by providing significant upfront funding, leveraging appropriations while optimizing local participation, and promoting risk sharing in project delivery. Utilizing P3 can streamline delivery, share risk, and provide significant life-cycle cost savings.

USACE intends to issue a request for information for conceptual P3 pilot projects annually.

For P3 Pilot Program implementation guidance and more reading, visit the USACE CW P3 website at https://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/Civil-Works/Infrastructure/Infra_P3_program/.

  • Date July 9, 2019
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