As of September 14, 2017

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Houston-Galveston has updated their traffic restrictions to permit vessels up to 106’ beam to transit beyond the 610 (Sidney Sherman) Bridge.  Previously vessels had been limited to 90’ beam.

The following is a summary of all current restrictions on local waterways:

–          Galveston Bay Entrance Channel, Outer Bar Channel, Inner Bar Channel, and Bolivar Roads Channel open 24/7;

–          Port of Galveston – open 24/7;

–          Port of Texas City – open 24/7;

–          Freeport – open 24/7 to 38′ maximum draft

–          Bolivar Roads Anchorages are open 24/7 – Short duration use for bunkering, inspection, and other husbandry;

–          Houston – open 24/7 Below Sidney Sherman with 42′ draft limit Entrance Channel to Baytown Highlines,

–          Baytown Highlines to Shell, 41’ draft limit;

–          Shell to Houston Cement West, 40’ draft limit;

–          Houston Cement West to the Sidney Sherman Bridge, 36’ draft limit;

–          The Houston Ship channel above the Sidney Sherman Bridge is open daylight only to one-way traffic for all vessels as limited by 106′ beam/33′ draft with prior coordination between Houston Pilots Association and VTS Houston/Galveston, and 24/7 for single tows as coordinated with VTS and the diving supervisor on the  drydock salvage project; and