News & Updates: Port Bureau News: November 2019

November 2019 Commerce Club

Thursday, December 12, 2019  
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 ‘Courageous Decisions’ Behind Company Success

Todd Stewart, president of Gulf Winds International, began his presentation at the November 14 Commerce Club luncheon with the company’s “More Than The Move” video. The video highlights the company’s philosophy, business priorities, and community impact goals.

Company services highlighted by Stewart were container drayage, transloading, and domestic freight. Gulf Winds utilizes over 400 trucks in the Gulf region, including 1100 owned chassis, supporting the Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Mobile and Memphis markets. He talked about the cost efficiency of their transloading operations in serving customers. Gulf Winds has over 2 million square feet of public warehouse space in locations adjacent to Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals.

“We are moving about 50,000 containers through the port on any given year,” said Stewart. 

Investing in technology was one of the “courageous decisions” Stewart named. The company decided to invest in a state-of-the-art tracking and tracing system a number of years ago, which quickly gave them an edge in the market as retailers found it very efficient to work with the Gulf Winds’ system.

In looking at the future, Stewart sees more industrial space shifting to Houston and is excited about the many opportunities inherent in local resins manufacturing and exports. He also stressed the importance supporting a deeper/wider Ship Channel to ensure continued business growth.

 Throughout his presentation, Stewart underscored the faith values he prioritizes. He explained that 10% of the company’s net profits support the compassionate ministries and life-changing non-profit organizations embraced by the More Than The Move Foundation.

“I challenge everyone to give and volunteer to make a difference,” he concluded.