News & Updates: Port Bureau News: October 2019

October 2019 Commerce Club

Monday, November 4, 2019  
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Port Region Represents ‘Best of America’

Congressional newcomer Dan Crenshaw noted Houston’s port region as a “rare bright spot” for him and his fellow representatives focusing on transportation and infrastructure in his address to attendees at the Port Bureau’s October Commerce Club luncheon. “Congress does have the chance to work together and pass legislation that will impact the port and ease the barriers it encounters.”

 While only representing the second district of Texas for just ten months, Crenshaw already views Houston Ship Channel expansion as a top priority. “The Houston Ship Channel definitely needs to be widened and deepened. I’m working diligently to make this a reality. The Houston delegation is committed to ensuring a Water Resources Development Act reauthorization includes language that authorizes this project,” said Crenshaw. “Maintaining two-way traffic on this nationally prominent waterway is absolutely essential for safety, energy security, and national economic growth.”

Crenshaw touched briefly on several current issues, including energy policy. While speaking to the complexities of energy policy, he emphasized the value of “American ingenuity” in working towards efficiencies emissions in reduction. Crenshaw also stressed his work with Senator John Cornyn in introducing the Launching Energy Advancement and Development through Innovations for Natural Gas (LEADING) Act. The Leading Act is designed to incentivize research and development for carbon capture technology. “Ultimately,” said Crenshaw, “the goal is to develop more carbon capture technology to make it more accessible, resulting in widespread use and lower carbon emissions from power plants across the country.”

Port security was another area Crenshaw underscored as an important priority. “I also serve on the committee of Homeland Security … which handles the issues of port security in particular,” Crenshaw said. “A port this size handles billions of dollars of goods from all over the world. It must have effective surety and secure access.”

Summing up, Crenshaw reiterated his commitment to the port region and working with the community. “The port is critical to Houston’s success as an economy, as a community, and as a city. It represents the best of America: innovation, competition, entrepreneurship, opportunity. This is why maintaining the port continues to be one of my top priorities in congress … I encourage you to continue working closely with myself and my team as we move closer to finding the best solution[s]. Thank you all for having me today.”