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Schröder Marine Services, Fracht USA Team Up to Provide Goods to Seafarers Visiting Houston

Thursday, July 30, 2020  
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Fracht USA and Schröder Marine Services, Inc., are teaming up with the Houston International Seafarer’s Center (HISC) in a big way to give back to the many seafarers restricted to their ships due to COVID-19. Together, these three are raising and donating funds to purchase goods for seafarers, who are unable to leave the many vessels coming into port every day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To date, over $30,000 has been raised towards this cause.

Reiner Wiederkehr, CEO, Fracht USA, heard about the many seafarers unable to leave their ships during a monthly gathering of members of the shipping industry organized by Jurgen Schröder, CEO of Schröder Marine Services, Inc. He immediately began planning a relief effort with his executives for the seafarers arriving in the port of Houston.

Wiederkehr knew that something had to be done. “I volunteered at the Seafarers Center 10 years ago,” Wiederkehr said. “I met seafarers from across the world who hadn’t seen their families in months. That experience resonated with me.”

Previous to the COVID outbreak, many seafarers could leave the vessel to shop for necessities, such as prepaid phone cards, hygiene products, and clothing. Now, however, many haven’t been able to leave their ships for six months or more. Because of the effort led by Fracht USA and Schröder Marine Services, HISC is able to reach out to ship captains in advance of arrival and purchase needed goods. Items are delivered when the vessels dock, and the team is increasing visits with crews for conversation and hospitality. 

To support this cause, visit the HISC website at or reach out to