Port of Harlingen - Tariff #006  

September 19, 2012

October 1, 2012

Section 1: General Information


The corporate boundaries of the Port of Harlingen Authority include the entire Harlingen Channel from Mile 25 (including the turning basin) to Mile O at the intersection of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway; north on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway beyond Mile 643 at Buoy C317; south on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near Mile 653 at Buoy C43.



Port Location:

The Port of Harlingen is located in southernmost Texas in the geographic center of the lower Rio Grande Valley four miles east of the city of Harlingen, Texas on Highway 106. The Port is connected to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway by means of the Harlingen Channel. The Harlingen Channel extends from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 25 miles west of Mile 646, is maintained to a width of 125 feet and a depth of 12 feet, and is supplied by the Arroyo Colorado, a fresh water source.

Available Transportation Services and Rates

a. The Port of Harlingen is served by a number of barge lines. The names, addresses and phone numbers of these barge lines can be obtained at the Port administration office.

b. The Union Pacific (to Port proper) is the only railroad that serves the Port. Telephone: (956) 548-2420.

c. Two airlines serve the Harlingen area:

1. Southwest Airlines
   Valley International Airport
Harlingen, Texas 78550

2. Continental Airlines
    Valley International Airport
    Harlingen, Texas 78550

d. Air freight service is available through several carriers located in the Harlingen area. A list of these companies may be obtained from the Port Administration Office.

e. A number of truck lines serve the Port of Harlingen. A list of these lines can be obtained at the Port Administration office.

f. The Port of Harlingen Authority does not provide loading and/or unloading services. Such services are available through private operators.


Industrial Park

There are both partially and fully developed areas in and around the Port of Harlingen specifically designed for industrial development. A newly created 150 acre Industrial Park, as well as the Harlingen Industrial Airpark, is located nearby. Land may be leased on a long or short-term basis. Specific information may be obtained by contacting the Port Administration office.

Public Facilities

a.650' (195m) concrete general dry cargo wharf.

b.100' (30m) dry bulk wharf

c. Five smaller docks (50' X 25' or 7.5m X 15m) are located near the turning basin and extend into the Harlingen Channel

d. Over 150 acres of open storage



a. Electricity is supplied by AEP/CPL, P.O. Box 21930, Tulsa, OK 74121-1930; 1-888-216-3490.

b. Fresh water is supplied by the City of Harlingen Waterworks Department at P.O. Box 1950, Harlingen, TX 78551; (956) 430-6100.

c. Natural gas service is supplied by Southern Union Gas Co., P.O. Box 531827, Harlingen, TX 78551; (956) 440-3900.


Outside open storage

The Port has unimproved open and paved areas that may be leased for storage; or storage may be furnished by tenants.


Draw Bridge

A drawbridge over the Harlingen Channel, located two and one-half miles (4kms) North of the Port of Harlingen turning basin has a vertical clearance of 27.4' (8.21m) at mean low tide and 26.5' (7.96m) mean high tide. The bridge can be drawn to 73' (22m) above low tide by contacting the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation, Office of Maintenance in San Benito, Texas; (956) 399-5102. After hours and on weekends, call (956) 440-3655; (956) 399-6285; (956) 427-9675 or (956) 399-7472.



Bunkering facilities are available near the Port Turning Basin. Arrangement for bunkering may be made by notifying the Port Administration office.


Interpretation of Tariff:

The Port Commissioners of the Port of Harlingen Authority reserve the right to interpret this tariff or any supplement thereto as it may be applied to any user of the Port's facilities. As used in this tariff, the term "user of Port facilities" (whether in the singular or plural) means and includes shippers, carriers, cargo handling, tenants or the employees, agents, invitees, joint venturers, contractors or subcontractors of such parties.

All services named herein shall be consistent with the definitions set forth in Subsection (d) of 46 CFR 515.6.


Port Harbor Fee

A Seventy-five Dollar ($75.00) per vessel/barge per port call charge will be assessed on all waterborne cargo transported through the facilities of the Port, as such facilities are defined by Texas statutes and other applicable laws. This charge is in addition to all other charges, including wharfage charges (Section C), and is billed separately from and in addition to charges made by any terminal operator. For the purposes of this item, the term "vessel" shall include each barge or other vessel, but shall not include any towing vessel.


Port Wharfage Fees

Wharfage charges according to Section C of this tariff will be assessed on all cargo transported through the facilities of the Port, as such facilities are defined by Texas Statutes and other applicable laws.

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