Harvey Response Resources

If your company offers survey, dredging, or other recovery services and can provide services to port users in Houston, Galveston, Texas City, and/or Freeport, please email harveyresponse@txgulf.org. Include: 

  • Available equipment
  • Capabilities
  • Timeframe available
  • Point of Contact name and contact information (phone, email, etc.)

Service Company Information will be listed below as it is received and vetted. Companies will grouped by service type and listed alphabetically.

Information posted here should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of any capability. It should be viewed as an information resource only.

For additional information about filing a flood claim through FEMA please visit: https://www.fema.gov/nfip-file-your-claim

For the latest information about port statuses from GICA (Gulf Intracoastal Canal Assoication) Click Here

Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Insurance Recovery and FEMA Assistance

Company: Witt O’Brian 

Contact:  Bill Riley (Managing Director, Recovery Services), briley@wittobriens.com; Cell: (508) 425-9080; 24/7 Emergency Response Center (985) 781-0804.


  • FEMA Public Assistance:
    • Augmenting your staff with qualified recovery experts
    • Providing complete guidance with damage description, assessment, design, scopes of work and cost schedules
    • Helping you understand and apply program eligibility criteria to maximize grant awards
    • Debris program management
    • Establishing documentation requirements and a documentation management system to permit federal and state cost reimbursements
    • Identifying and justifying hazard mitigation funding for repairs (known as “406 mitigation”)
    • Assistance with balancing FEMA eligibility with insurance claims resolution
    • Oversight of project claims processing and reporting
    • Issue resolution with FEMA and other key stakeholders, and if necessary, the preparation and justification of effective appeals
  • Insurance Recovery. 
    • Review and assess the insurance policy, and provide the client with a detailed overview
    • Contact the insurance company adjuster to schedule future meeting and formulate the scope of damages
    • Conduct onsite evaluation of the damaged property, and create a detailed written estimate of damages for submission to the insurance company adjuster, according to insurance company’s standard accepted practices
    • Create short-term/long-term goals and recommendations regarding the future handling of the insurance recovery process
    • Contact with the client advising them of the settlement status
    • Expedite the claim recovery process in order to avoid shortfalls of cash flow
    • Negotiate a favorable settlement
  • Business Continuity.  
    • Business Continuity Experts to support managing prioritization of critical business functions, identification of alternate locations for operations, and all aspects of implementing your business continuity plan.
  • Crisis Management.  
    • Crisis Management Experts to help companies identify impacts, prioritize resources, and implement strategies to recover with limited impact to the business.

More information:  www.wittobriens.com


Company: SLSCO, Ltd.

Contact: William Sullivan, Principal. Tel: (832) 731-8235. Email: wsullivan@slsco.com

Capabilities and Availability: Galveston-based general contracting and construction management firm

  • Housing services include: on-site man camps, emergency shelter-in-place rehabilitation, modular housing, MHUs, elevation, long-term rehabilitation and long-term reconstruction. All support assets and can perform emergency restoration of operational facilities, utilities and infrastructure.
  • We operate in tandem with our sister companies (DRC Emergency Services – debris management) and Callan Marine (marine construction) to provide comprehensive recovery and restoration services along the entire timeline of disaster response.
  • SLS is based in Galveston, with major operational bases in Houston, Southeast Texas, Central Texas and along the entire Gulf Coast. All of our facilities are in-tact and operational.
  • Over 350 pieces of operational construction vehicles and equipment located within 2 hours of the disaster. This includes dozers, excavators, trucks, boats and other types of critical heavy machinery. We have another 500+ pieces of equipment located within 12 or less of the disaster.
  • Over 1,000 temporary housing shelters and support assets located within 12 hours of the disaster, including tents, modular units, MHUs, kitchen & laundry facilities, showers, bathroom facilities, generators, light systems, etc.
  • Over 250+ personnel located within 3 hours or less from the disaster. Another 200+ employees are located within 12 hours of the disaster.
  • Immediate mobilization of personnel, resources, equipment and housing units. Personnel can begin working and assets can be deployed within 6 hours of notification.

More information:  SLSCO Emergency Site Housing,_HarveySLS Man CampBunk housing

Dredging & Marine Construction

Company: Callan Marine Ltd.

Contact: John J. Kenny (V.P. Business Development), JKenny@CallanMarineLtd.com; Cell: (281) 796-8465; Phone: (409) 762-0124 – Cell and Email preferred methods.


  • Equipment:
    • General Eisenhower – 12” Cutter-head, spread includes all tender vessels, pipelines, and a survey boat. Schedule: Under contract in Port of Texas City, then scheduled to service Port of Galveston
    • General Patton – 16” Cutter-head, spread includes all tender vessels, pipelines, and a survey boat. Schedule: Under contract in the upper HSC. Schedule dependent on client’s schedule; scheduled to complete work end of Oct.
    • Dredge “Leonard J” – currently under negotiation to purchase. Schedule TBD.
    • Survey boats – Constitution I and Constitution II. Able to respond is as little as 24 hours if facility in need is near an existing project. Contact for more details.
  • Marine Construction Management
    • Construction Management (Project development, site evaluation, Source personnel, Equipment, Vet to standard, Finance, Over site)
    • Debris removal
    • Marine salvage
    • Manage and control, sourcing of personnel and equipment to perform projects
  • DRC – (Sister company) Emergency response debris removal, Contract in place with Harris County
  • Bonding capacity
  • Surveying

More information:  Callan Marine Dredging Services,  Callan Marine Profile

Company: Crosby Dredging & Construction, LLC (Crosby Tugs, LLC)
Contact: Mark Coyle, Marine Consultant, Crosby Dredging & Construction, LLC
6341 Stewart Rd #158, Galveston, Texas 77551, 713.927.1890, Mcoyle@crosbydredging.com
Personnel & Asset Location(s): Port of Houston, Texas City, Beaumont, Lake Charles, and South of Freeport

  • 2 – Hydrographic Survey Boats
  • 4 – Hydraulic Dredges 20”- 24”
  • 2 – 250 ton Mechanical Dredges
  • Numerous tugs
  • Crane barges
  • Deck barges

More information:  Crosby Mechanical Dredge Fleet,  Crosby Hydraulic Dredge Fleet

Company: Hatch

Contact:   Bill Kreiche – bill.kreiche@hatch.com – Office – 832-930-7670 – Cell – 832-231-1637

                   Kristine Taube– kristine.taube@hatch.com – Office – 832-930-7670 – Cell – 979-236-3032

Availability: Sept 5 – Resources are available to begin work immediately, In addition to the Houston office we have offices across the USA from which we can deploy additional resources


  • Ports and Marine Asset Assessment and Management
  • Structural Engineering
    • Inspection and Design of Marine Structures
    • Structural Inspections and Site Assessments
  • Dredging support and coastal engineering (shore protection, beneficial use)
  • Ports Planning, Logistics and Design
  • Rail engineering, rail systems design and inspection
  • Roadway and Bridge Engineering
  • Construction and Program Management
  • Procurement and Quality control
  • Water/wastewater Treatment
  • Water System Design and Rehabilitation
  • Process Engineering and systems start-up
  • Environmental and Coastal Engineering
    • Regulatory support
  • Civil Design
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Scada and System Automation
  • Linear and Conveyance Infrastructure
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Full Service Engineering & Design Capabilities

More Information: https://www.hatch.com/

Company: HDR Inc.

Houston Contact: Neil McLellan, Sr. Project Manager, 4828 Loop Central Drive, Suite 800, Houston, TX 77081-2220, Neil.McLellan@hdrinc.com, Mobile: 713-256-6362

Corpus Christi Contact: Brent Moore, VP, Ports & Harbors Program Manager, 555 N. Carancahua, Suite 1600 Corpus Christi, TX 78401-0849, brent.moore@hdrinc.com, Mobile: 361-779-6587

Personnel & Asset Location(s): Texas / Louisiana Gulf Region:  Houston, Galveston, Texas City, Freeport, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Lake Charles, and Lafayette


  • Marine Structural Design / Inspection (docks, bulkheads, fenders, wharves, etc…)
  • Structural Inspections and Site Assessments (buildings, tanks, roads, bridges, rail, industrial)
  • Dredging Support, Coastal & Beneficial Use Design (scouring, shore protection, etc…)
  • Program Management
  • Coastal, Geotechnical & Construction Engineering and Construction Management
  • Heavy Civil Design
  • Regulatory & Environmental Support (Emergency permits, Nationwide Permits, US Army Corps of Engineers Permits, FEMA, TxDOT, EPA)
  • Full Engineering & Design capabilities
  • Grant Writing
  • Emergency Consultation with Federal, State, & Local Resource agencies

Flyers or more information: https://www.hdrinc.com/

Company: Manson Construction Co.
Contact: Jeffrey B. McWilliams, P.E., Director, Business Development, Gulf and East Coast Construction, JMcWilliams@mansonconstruction.com, 713.588.4512
Personnel & Asset Location(s): Assets can be deployed to Houston, Texas City, Galveston or Freeport

  • Large marine construction and dredging firm with a regional office in Houma, LA.
  • 500 ton capacity floating derrick barge which is immediately available
  • 1,000 ton capacity floating derrick barge which might be able to be made available depending on circumstances

Company: Matthews Marine Inc.

Contact: Trey Taylor; Cell – 504-256-8222; Trey@matthewsbrothersinc.net

Capabilities and Available Dates:

  • Equipment:
    • Survey Boat and Crew
    • Crew Boats
    • Mechanical Dredge
    • Hopper Barges
    • Unloading Rig – Mechanical over Hydraulic dredge material Unloader
    • Crane Barge
    • Deck Barges
    • 1000 H.P. Tug Boat
    • Booster Pumps
    • Long Reach Excavator
  • Survey: Single Beam survey equipment and Crew available by September 2, 2017. Single Beam Processing completed within about 24 Hours.
  • Dredging: Mechanical dredging available with Pump off unloading operation and hopper barges. Available in Houston around September 6, 2017.
  • Recovery: Crane barge, Deck barges, and hopper barges available in Houston around September 6, 2017.

More information: Matthews Marine Recovery Services

Company: Orion Marine Group

Contact: Jonathan Schmaltz, jschmaltz@orionmarinegroup.com, (832) 248 . 5882 – cell, (713) 852 . 6586 – direct, (713) 852 . 6500 – office

Availability: Friday, 1 Sept. 2017 for inspection, surveying and debris removal/demolition along Texas Coast


  • Above water dock surveys/inspections
  • Hydrographic surveys of facility water depths
  • Diving survey/inspections and debris removal
  • Multiple marine floating equipment assets with heavy lift capabilities up to 350 tons
  • Mechanical dredging assets
  • Multiple hydraulic dredging assets w/ up to 24” dredges

Environmental Response

Company: Environmental Solutions & Pipeline Solutions

Contact: Ricky Howell, 337-256-4820, rhowell@envsolutionsllc.com;  Brooks Tastet, 337-296-6970, btastet@envsolutionsllc.com;  Jamie Bernard, 337-255-6072, jbernard@envsolutionsllc.com

Capabilities and Available Dates:

  • We are available immediately.
  • Full services environmental company
    • Petroleum based product
    • Hazardous materials
    • Asbestos recovery/abatement
    • Liquid and dry bulk vacuum trucks
    • Lead and Mold remediation
    • Demolition and dismantling service.
  • Equipment:
    • Boats from 16ft. to 48ft.
    • Barges with and without cranes
    • Air boats with and without cranes
    • Remediation equipment from mini excavator up to 480 series
    • Dozers from D3 up to D8
    • 15 end dumps
    • Viking boxes
    • Roll off boxes
    • Frac tanks

Additional information:  Environmental & Pipeline Solutions Resume; Environmental Solutions; Pipeline Solutions

Company: ES&H

Contact: 1-877-4ESANDH – 24-hour emergency hotline; Mike Kieffer, mkieffer@esandh.com

Capabilities: Environmental and containment assets and personnel throughout the region.

  • Environmental Emergency Response
    • Oil Spill Response & Cleanup
    • Hazardous/Non Hazardous Spill Response
    • Highway Transportation Spills
    • Chemical Spills
  • Environmental Industrial Services
    • Industrial Tank Cleaning
    • Barge Cleaning
    • Confined Space Cleaning
    • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning
    • NORM Remediation
  • Environmental Remediation
    • Bio & In Situ remediation
    • Sampling
    • Dig & Haul
  • Environmental Transportation and Disposal Services
    • Waste Management
    • Waste Water Treatment Facility
    • Salt Water & Chemical Hauling
  • ES&H maintains 11 locations to help provide services throughout the Gulf Coast, Texas and Northern Louisiana.
  • Access to OSV that have large quarters, potable water, internet, that can accommodate 120 plus people
  • Timeframe available: Now with equipment ready for deployment in Lake Charles, La. and Texas

Detailed asset information: Response Equipment by Location (May 2017)

Company: Nature Group

Contact: usa@ngrp.com / 866-770-7952-option 1

Capabilities:  Nature Group operates roll off dumpsters for general garbage and vacuum trucks for oily water pump outs in either the Houston or Corpus Christi region.

  • Collection of ship cargo washings
  • Collection of USDA/APHIS Regulated Garbage
  • Collection of general garbage and wastes
  • Dumpsters services
  • Tankcleaning of barges and sea going vessels
  • Own barge tank cleaning facilities in Aransas Pass, TX

Marine Response

Company: Otto Candies, LLC
Contact: Brant Folse, Engineering/Technical Manager, Ph 504-469-7700, BrantF@ottocandies.com

Equipment & Availability: IMR vessel M/V CHLOE CANDIES, available September 18, 2017. Accommodation units can be added to back deck if needed.

Details vessel specs: CHLOE Specification

Company: Russell Marine LLC

Contact: Mr. Greg Harner, Cell 713-598-4381


  • Houston:
    • Floating Rigs & Tugs, 300 Ton, 250 ton, 225 ton, 150 ton (Total Cranes 26 Each)  
  • Corpus Christi:
    • Floating Rigs & Tugs, 250 ton, 225 ton, 150 ton (Total Cranes 4 Each)

Company: Ryan Marine Services, Inc.

Contact: Dispatch  /  Ph 409-763-1269  /  rmi@ryanmarine.com

Equipment & Availability: 

  • M/V  Miss Roseann ( 65’ Crew boat / 29 person capacity )  Available 9/1/17
  • M/V  Red Eagle ( 100’ Crew boat / 36 person capacity)        Available 9/1/17
  • Ideal for inspectors, surveyors, light cargo, personnel transport
  • Max 20.0 knots for fast travel time to and from destination
  • Multiple Utility / Supply vessels available 110’ – 133’  
  • Ideal to haul heavy equipment, repair crews, dive crews and apparatus
  • 30 – 103 long ton carrying capacities x 36” height
  • All boats USCG certified

Detailed vessel specs can be seen at :  www.ryanmarine.com

Owner / Operator                                                                                                                             
Mr. Andy Ryan: Cell 409-934-4920

Medical Response

Company: CORE Occupational Therapy
Contact: 866-446-2673; recovery@coreoccupational.com; www.coreoccupational.com; or  Melissa L. Hoke, 713-854-1504

      • Medical Clinic: 126 W. San Augustine St., Deer Park, TX 77536, open M-F 8am – 5pm
      • Medical Staffing: (EMT Medics, First Responders, PA’s, RN’s, MD’s, Technicians etc.) that may be needed.
      • Mobile Clinical Services: Our mobile units have their own generators, and can function independently if your company and/or job site is without power. We can assist with medical care, vaccinations, drug and alcohol testing, physicals, injury care, etc.
      • Medical Rescue Teams & Disaster Response Services: We can assist with industrial rescue operations, as well as any disaster response services.


Recovery / Housing Services

Company: Delta Marine Support, LLC  ( DBE/WOSB/HUBZONE)

Contact:  Tiffany Brandhurst (504) 715-5911  tiffany@deltamarinesupport247.com

Personnel & Asset Location(s): West Galveston Bay (assets listed below)

Assets located in Louisiana can be deployed to Houston, Texas City, Galveston, Freeport, etc…

Capabilities & Available Dates:

  • We are immediately available.
  • Recovery / Marine Salvage:  Crane, Shale, Hopper & Deck Barges, Excavators, Marsh Buggies
  • Housing: 12 – 100 Man Living Quarter Barges


  • Quarter Barges (12 Man – 100 Man)
  • Crane Barges (250 ton, 220 ton, 150 ton, 70 ton)
  • Marsh Buggies (Long Reach)
  • Hopper Barges
  • Tug Boats
  • Spud Barges
  • Deck Barges
  • Shale Barges
  • 900 – 1200 H.P. Tug Boats,  Crew Boats, Air Boats, Truckable Tugs & Barges

Immediately Available: ( Assets Located West Galveston Bay – Listed Below )     

  • Spud Barge 120’x40’x48’ w 375 Cat Excavator, 2 Shale Barges 110’x30’x7’ (Bin Walls), 195’x35’x10’  (Bin Walls),  (4) Deck Barges 120’x30’x8’, 900 H.P. – 1200 H.P. Tug, 32” Crew Boat


(Note: also reference Dredging & Marine Construction list)

Company: Aalmar Surveys

Contact: Alan J Coleman MIIMS MCMS, CEO; Tel +1 (281) 334-1700; Mob +1 (832) 226-8680; info@aalmarusa.com

Capabilities: Marine vessel or cargo damage claim surveys in the region


Company: McKim & Creed

Contact:  Paul Jones, RPLS, PJones@mckimcreed.com, D 713.659.0021 x1021, C  832.488.3748


  • Field crews (HWM surveys): immediately
  • LiDAR: immediately
  • Hydrographic Surveys: Upon notice to proceed, 2-3 weeks
  • SUE:  immediately
  • Unmanned aerial systems: immediately
  • Mobile Mapping: immediately

*Teaming arrangements leveraging our local network of surveying and mapping professionals can be assembled and deployed within 24 hours of notice to proceed.