Request for Special Traffic Management

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This notification implements advanced planning for certain types of ships which request no meeting of tows wider than 54 feet or longer than 475 feet on the Houston Ship Channel between Shell Deer Park and the entrance to Buffalo Bayou.

Request shall be submitted 48 hours in advance for inbound transits and 12 hours in advance for outbound transits.  Requests not meeting the advance notice requirement may be denied.  Approval or denial can be expected no less than 12 hours prior to anticipated arrival at Shell Deer Park (for inbound transits) and 6 hours prior to anticipated time underway (for outbound transits).

Please print a copy of this page prior to submission to ensure accuracy of the request.  This application will be distributed electronically to local maritime stakeholders for comment supporting USCG VTS Houston/Galveston consideration prior to approval.

PLEASE CONTACT VTS AT 281-464-4837 Please remember to print a copy of this page now for your records.
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