COTP POLICY – Notice of Intent to to Disable Machinery

1. Engineering maintenance essential to the reliability of sophisticated, modern propulsion plants occasionally requires procedures which degrade or disable propulsion systems.  We encourage routine scheduled maintenance but require awareness of the resulting restrictions to vessel maneuverability in order to ensure the safety of ships, facilities, crews and the port in the event of heavy weather, toxic release, fire, or other emergency that might necessitate unscheduled ship movement.

2. To that end, every seagoing, self-propelled vessel greater than 500 gross tons moored or anchored within the COTP Zone planning to disable machinery affecting main propulsion, steering or electrical generation and distribution systems shall provide advance notice to the COTP.

3. The use of this automated form will effect the required notification which will be separately acknowledged.

4. This process is consistent with the requirements in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) paragraphs 160.216 and 161.12 to make notification of hazardous conditions and/or hazardous vessel operating conditions respectively and is in addition to the requirements in 46 CFR 2.01-15 for vessels certificated by the U. S. Coast Guard to make notifications to the Offier in Charge Marine Inspections (OCMI) prior to commencing repairs.

Please remember to print a copy of this page now for your records.

Submitting this form will send this information to: Sector Houston Command Center, Vessel Traffic Service, Marine Safety Unit Texas City Domestics and Investigations Departments.